Snyder Signs Law Prohibiting Teens from Using Cell Phones While Driving

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Snyder signs bill prohibiting teens from using cell phones while drivingMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation prohibiting novice teen drivers from talking on cell phones while driving.

Under the legislation, teenage drivers with a level 1 or 2 license will have to comply with cell phone restrictions.

The only exemptions would be allowing new teen drivers to report a crash, emergency or crime. The bill would allow police to issue a civil infraction to teens who are in violation of the new law which will be called Kelsey’s Law, named after 17-year old Kelsey Raffaele of Sault Ste. Marie, who died in a crash while she was using a cellphone.

Holders of Level 1 licenses must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or another licensed driver at least 21 years old, and those with Level 2 licenses can drive alone with some limits on hours and carrying young passengers.

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