Levin Working to Stop Sequester Budger Cuts

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Michigan’s Senior U.S. Senator, Carl Levin

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)Michigan’s Senior US Senator says he’s working with Senate Republicans on measures that could stave off Federal “Sequester” budget cuts scheduled for tomorrow.

Senator Carl Levin says any resolution by the March 1 deadline must include both spending cuts and new revenue, and he proposes closing tax loopholes for 30 of the nation’s most profitable businesses who do business overseas, to raise some of that revenue. He says those businesses are making $100 billion in profits each year and do not need the tax breaks for overseas markets.

Levin says without an agreement Michigan will experience “significant” cuts, in education, law enforcement, military programs, health care and emergency services. The Detroit Democrat says the “Sequester” deadline was never intended to be used, just as nuclear weapons are primed but never used. However, a lack of action has forced Congress to act now, or face the consequences.

Levin hopes his legislation can be worked out with bi-partisan support and voted on today.

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