State Lawmaker Looking to Raise Money for Roads Without Snyder’s Proposed Tax Increase

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Great Lakes Radio NewsMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)A state lawmaker is offering options to raise revenue to maintain the state’s roads without raising taxes as proposed by Governor Rick Snyder.

Senator Patrick Colbeck from Canton says Michigan has the sixth-fastest growing economy in the U.S., which allowed the state to take in $500 million more in revenue in the general fund.

Colbeck says if state spending was frozen and economic growth funds were used for the roads it would raise half of the estimated $1.2 billion needed for repairs. Colbeck also proposes reducing interest payments on debt and calls for building roads that last longer.

A spokesman for Governor Snyder said suggestions are always welcome but Michigan needs stable, long-term funding to fix roadways.

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