New Bill to Prohibit Local Governments from Requiring Paid, Unpaid Leave Approved

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Great Lakes Radio News UpdateMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)A state House committee has approved a controversial bill that would prohibit all local governments in Michigan from requiring employers to provide a certain amount of paid or unpaid time off.

Republican sponsors say the bill is to prohibit local city officials from requiring employers to offer paid leave that is not required by state or federal law. The bill would create the Employment Leave Uniformity Act.

Others object to the bill saying that during tough flu seasons, restaurants often don’t pay sick time for workers who handle food, and a local government should have the right to offer the paid or unpaid leave.

Under the bill, local governments could still adopt such policies for their own government employees, but could not require paid or unpaid leave to be offered to employees of other local entities. The Michigan Restaurant Association applauded the committees decision, saying allowing local paid leave requirements is a ‘job killer.’

The measure now goes to the full House.

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