MTU Study Results on Wolves on Isle Royale

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Great Lakes Radio NewsMARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)The results have been released of Michigan Tech’s annual Winter Study of the wolf population on Isle Royale National Park and the numbers are not looking good.

The latest survey counted eight wolves on the island this winter, down one from last year, and as far as the researchers could tell, no wolf pups were born in 2012.

Researchers say this is the first year since 1971, when reproduction first began being monitored, that they did not detect any sign that pups had been born.

Researchers say inbreeding continues to be a serious concern and the wolves are showing anomalies that are a result of close inbreeding for several generations. They add most wolves have an average life span of less than five years.

If the wolves on Isle Royale continue not to breed, the population will soon be gone.

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