Casperson Introduces Bills to Give NRC More Control Over Wildlife

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Senator Tom Casperson

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)State Senator Tom Casperson has introduced legislation to advance the scientific management of wildlife in Michigan.

Casperson says the two-bill package builds upon a voter-approved policy from 1996’s Proposal G.   That measure charged the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) with regulating the taking of game based on sound scientific management.

Among other things, the package includes allowing the NRC to add species to the game list and establish hunting seasons while retaining the Legislature’s ability to both add and remove species on the list, complimentary hunting opportunities for active service members and allow the NRC to regulate the taking of fish as they regulate the taking of game.

Senate Bills 288 and 289 were referred to the Senate Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes Committee.

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One Response to Casperson Introduces Bills to Give NRC More Control Over Wildlife

  1. No, Casperson Introduces Bills to Give Casperson More Control Over Wildlife. The bill doesn’t let the NRC add wolves to the game list, it adds wolves and forbids the NRC from removing them from the game list wothout legislative permission. The Senator is happy with a list that contains the current species plus wolves and any species someone may add on in the future and retaining the ability of removing or preventing the removal of any species he wants, and knows he has the DNR and NRC scared bloodless so he can do it.

    This is Senator Casperson’s repeal of Proposal G’s guarantee of sound science. The empowered legislature gets to ignore the provision in the law.

    Norm Mackey
    April 11, 2013 at 2:05 pm

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