Medicaid Expansion Delay Still Divides Senate

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Michigan Senator

State Senator Randy Richardville

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)A State Senate committee could take up a specific Medicaid expansion proposal as early as next week.

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville announced yesterday that he believes they can start taking public testimony on it before the end of the month.

Supporters of the expansion say, however, that the time to vote on it is now.

Gretchen Whitmer, Senate Democratic Leader

Gretchen Whitmer, Senate Democratic Leader

Governor Rick Snyder has been prodding lawmakers into approving the expansion proposal, although many conservative Republicans oppose the effort in part because it’s linked to the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” and thus could make them vulnerable to primary challenges next year from tea party Republicans.

Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat from Lansing, criticized what she says is the continued delay on the Medicaid expansion issue, saying there should be a vote on it now, not later.

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