Marquette General Hospital To Build All-New Facility

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MGH CEO Gary Muller

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Marquette General Hospital and Duke LifePoint Healthcare have announced plans to construct a new hospital replacing the current facility on College Avenue in Marquette.

MGH CEO Gary Muller says many details need to be worked out, but the decision has been made to proceed with building a new hospital.

When Duke LifePoint acquired MGH last year, research began into options for expanding and enhancing medical services at the present hospital and to also evaluate the feasibility of constructing a new facility.

Duke LifePoint committed $300 million in capital to expand and upgrade MGH over the next 10 years and officials say building the new hospital will accelerate the process.

It will take approximately three years to plan, design and construct the new facility.  Along with the planned 265-bed hospital, MGH will construct an adjoining 168,000-square-foot physician office building.

Expansion and renovation of the current hospital has been estimated at about $230 million over several years while constructing a new hospital and physician building is estimated to cost approximately $290 million.

A location for the facility is yet to be determined and additional details of the new hospital will be announced as plans are finalized.

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