Kivela Chides House Beer And Wine Licensing Bill

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GLR News Update

GLR News Update

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – State Representative John Kivela says he voted against a measure in the State House yesterday because it gave an unfair advantage to big box stores over small local businesses.

Kivela says House Bill 4895 allows big-box retailers wanting a beer and wine license for their gas stations to use the inventory of the large store to count toward beer and wine licensing requirements.

The Marquette Democrat says the measure essentially creates a carve-out for big-box stores who operate fuel pumps in front of their larger stores at the expense of smaller gas stations.

In comments Kivela gave on the House floor, he said the bill hurts small businesses and is bad for communities in the U.P. and across the state.

The bill passed in the House yesterday by a 68 to 41 vote.

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