Seantor Casperson Calls Anti-Hunting Advocates “Bullies”

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MI Senator Tom Casperson. (R)-Escanaba.

MI Senator Tom Casperson. (R)-Escanaba.

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – State Senator Tom Casperson says anti-hunting advocates are acting like bullies for harassing an Upper Michigan teenager after a successful bear hunting trip.

The Escanaba Republican says “bullies are as bullies do, and I won’t keep silent about this mob of bullies any more than I’d put up with a gang of them in my kids’ high school.”

Casperson’s comments come after the online harassment of a U.P. girl who took a bear while hunting with her father, and put a photo of it on her Facebook page.

The comments hoped that she would end up in a hunting accident and that when she has kids that somebody kills them.

As a result, the teen deactivated her Facebook account. Casperson said the comments were wrong and those who made them have “an ideologically radical view and an ax to grind, the truth doesn’t matter.  All that matters is your effort to contort society into a shape that fits your view of the world.”



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