U.P. Lawmakers Support Snyder Propane Assistance Plan

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News Update

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – U.P. lawmakers are supporting Governor Snyder’s plan for the state to provide assistance to Upper Peninsula residents and delivery companies who have been struggling to afford propane heating fuel the last several weeks.

Snyder unveiled a plan yesterday to double state funding for residential heating assistance by dedicating $7 million to the state’s Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program.

There is already $7 million budgeted this year in the program.

Representative Ed McBroom of Vulcan says the need is definitely shown across the region and he is glad the situation has the governor’s attention.

Senator Tom Casperson of Escanaba said the main focus right now is getting people through this emergency safely, and then to see what more needs to be done for protection in the future.

Under the Governor’s plan, propane dealers and distributors will be able to apply for assistance through a new MEDC loan program to help them with costs driven up by the combination of high demand and restricted supply.

The D-N-R has also activated a winter firewood permit program, as well as working with the forest products industry to identify local sources of firewood suppliers.

Representative Scott Dianda of Calumet says the U.P. delegation will continue to work with the executive office to make sure that there are enough funds to help our most vulnerable citizens.

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