Legislation Exempts CCW Records From FOIA Requests

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News Update

News Update

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Legislation offered up by an Upper Michigan lawmaker would insure firearms owners’ private information would be shielded from Freedom of Information Act requests.

State Representative Ed McBroom was among six legislators testifying to the House Judiciary Committee on House Bills 4155 and 5324-5329.

The Vulcan Republican is the sponsor of HB 5326, which addresses bar or tavern owners and employees with concealed pistols on the premises, as well as adding National Guard and armed forces reserves members to the license exemption list.

The testimony included instances in states, such as New York, that have allowed private information contained in these firearm registries to be published, which put gun owners and the public at risk.

The bills remain under consideration by the House committee.

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