Counterfeit Money Found In Marquette County

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GLR News Update

GLR News Update

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Marquette County authorities say there are counterfeit $100 bills circulating in the area.

Forsyth Township and Marquette City Police say multiple counterfeit $100 bills have turned up at locations in the city and the Township.

Police say the bills look very realistic but are not able to pass through money counting machines at local banks.

The fake bills have the number 150 above the $100 number on the lower back right corner of the bill.

Also, a security feature where the $100 figure on the front of the bill is supposed to change color when moved in the light, does not work on these bills.

Businesses and citizens should be sure to check all $100 bills they receive.

If you find a counterfeit bill, hold on to it, and contact you local law enforcement agency.

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