Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Eighty's Music on Sunny.FM

Sunny.FM is a Weekend in the 80’s. Weekends in the 80’s is your connection to the biggest hits of the 80’s all weekend long! It all begins at midnight on Friday. Every hour of music is all 80’s! It’s gnarly music from the days when Rubik Cubes, Ferris Bueller, Miami Vice and Pac Man were the bomb!

Wrapping up Weekends in the 80’s we’ll countdown the original hits from the 80’s with American Top 40 – The 80’s hosted by Casey Kasem on Sundays at 7pm!
American Top 40 - The 80's - Casey Kasem on Sunny.FMCasey Kasem American Top 40 on Sunny.FM
Get your 80’s buddies together this weekend and turn up Sunny.FM! Join us this weekend for another edition of Weekends in the 80’s on Sunny.FM. Where we love the 80’s….and we know you do too!

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