In Art There is Truth, In Truth There is Peace

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London Eye on a Summer's Night, Taken by Lauren Bareiss- SaddlebackPhotography

London Eye on a Summer’s Night, Taken by Lauren Bareiss- SaddlebackPhotography

England, UK  –  August 7, 2015  –  If you ask people “What’s worth remembering in the city of London?” the responses will probably be about the shopping, the diversity, or the food. Though I did have some truly amazing food in London, on my way to Scotland now, only the art stays on my mind.

Having been to London previously, before I found art; my appreciation of the city was limited. I probably have 10 to 15 pictures from 2010; my only proof that I visited the United Kingdom before at all.

Big Ben in the evening, Taken by Lauren Bareiss- Saddleback Photography August 2015

Big Ben in the evening, Taken by Lauren Bareiss- Saddleback Photography August 2015

Since my last visit to the U.K., photography has become my weapon of choice. Photography fueled my return to college and my interest in this trip. On this trip to England I wanted more than just ten photos. I wanted to revel in the marvelous creations of man.

As an art student, I stood before buildings I could only dream of entering. While hundreds of people passed me by with their selfie-sticks, I lingered taken aback by the reality of what I was seeing. My mind was blown as I really understand while standing in the shadow of such massive buildings; people created these buildings before the crane or the battery had even been invented!

Art gave me a new ability to see the world. I have visited 21 states and 12 countries in my 22 years of life. In my travels I never truly appreciated the value of what I was seeing. Now, however, with one art history class, I have the ability to enjoy an educated conversation on the origins of Gothic architecture, which I couldn’t have done before. One art history class allowed me to stand inside of Westminster Abbey and say more than, “Wow, that’s a nice building.”

Stained Glass in Westminster Abbey, London, England, taken by Lauren Bareiss- Saddleback Photo

Stained Glass in Westminster Abbey, London, England, taken by Lauren Bareiss- Saddleback Photo

Art gives society a way to express. It also gives society the stairs connecting the first and second floors of your house. It has given us the stained glass windows in your church and the glossy wood benches in your weekend-get-away cabin.

The influence art has on the average human life is taken for grant it day in and day out. It is not always easy to see the beauty of what each of us has, but as a traveling art student, a new understanding for the world is growing within me. With this growing understanding I am also growing to see the truth about who I am.

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