We Like Hand Outs – & We Complain The Kid Is Chubby As We Give Them Candy

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Haloween is a time for  Pumpikns

Halloween is a time for Pumpkins

Marquette November 1, 2013  – Dan’s  Daily Rant 11/1/2013  –  Yesterday was Halloween, and –as usual- the weather did NOT cooperate with those who enjoy walking the neighborhoods with their kids.  It could have been worse – and it has been… but the hearty trick-or-treaters didn’t let the crummy weather dampen their spirits (puns intended)

The usual political caricatures of democrats running from house to house asking for things, and republicans happily giving from their abundance are lost on most people.  The analogy does not fit clearly because, although the snack-seekers are asking for something using the threat of a trick… the givers are not being forced to give.

There was one democrat on the news though who gave snacks to thin kids and a note to chubby kids with a note to parents- blaming them for the pudgy-ness of the children.  This is perfect liberalism…

When the opportunity exists to treat people equally, liberals will reward those they deem worthy, and punish those they condemn.  This rotten egg probably looked in the bags of kids and redistributed the  candy as well…

Of course to be a perfect liberal, she would have to keep some candy for herself for her efforts.

Yes, democrats can ruin even the simplest of days…  I can’t wait for Christmas – Or whatever the liberals want to call it!

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