The Neighbors’ Spring Cleaning Comes to My Benefit

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Garage Sales in Marquette Michigan

These bright signs pop up on every street corner in Marquette

Spring cleaning uncovers all sorts of stuff. Thrown into the basement for a reason, that cabinet has absolutely no use. While I would love to say that I spent a few hours cleaning out my basement and hosting a garage sale, that is simply not the case. Instead, I cruised around town early on a Saturday morning looking for deals on items that I didn’t need.

There is a variety of stuff at a garage sale

You may have to dig a little to find what you are looking for…

Wading through bookshelves and strollers, I searched my way to the back of each sale before moving on to the next, unsatisfied. I have been on the search for a cheap bass guitar for the past 6 months and I felt especially lucky that day.

Finishing up with a sale a few doors down, I walked back home lugging a three foot long red bag. Nope, I didn’t find my bass… I have more of a talent for finding things that I  am not looking for. A good example of this would be a volleyball net. I bought a volleyball net. Do I know how to play volleyball? No – I guess it’s time to learn! Even if it’s just a cheese grater, I have never failed to find something exciting from a morning of garage sale shopping.

Garage Sale Shopping in Marquette County

Time to try out volleyball!



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