The Two Kids One Car Dilemma

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This will fit in my trunk, right?



I was stuck. A time conflict prevented me from being able to be picked up. Thinking I had completely solved the problem, I decided to bike home.

In order for this solution to work, however, I had to get my bike into my car. Searching around, I found this handy little lever in the trunk. I can fold the seats down in a Honda Civic? Cool!

I slid the back tire of my bike into the car and pushed. I pushed,

So close but so far...

So close but so far…

shoved, and got nowhere. Just a little too wide, my bike and front tire would not fit! With only a couple minutes left, I didn’t have time to remove my front tire.


It was a little misty on the walk home.

Well, it looks like I’m walking home tonight.











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