Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Praise and Worship Rang Out From The Ishpeming Armory

Ishpeming - July 8, 2011 – Adam Cares and the Big House Band was spectacular ay the Ishpeming Armory. This band flew to Marquette from South Carolina. They are pastors and leaders at a local active church on the coast. Last night about 50 people actively worshiped God under Adam’s direction and power of the [...]

Last Week in July is The World’s Greatest Aviation Show in Oshkosh Wisconsin featuring...

This is one of hundreds of old war birds that will be in Oshkosh July 25-31 2011 Oshkosh – July 25 – 31st 2011 – EAA’s Air-Venture will be a spectacular display of planes. In fact hundred of planes: vintage, war birds, experimental, giant bombers and cargo plans, naval planes and everything private and jet. [...]

Kelly Pickler Packs The House at Kewadin Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

Sault Ste Marie – July 9, 2011 – 1200 to 1400 attended the concert at Kewadin this evening. A 5 piece band backed up the brite, fresh singing of Mrs. Kellie Pickler. She and her bands travel in two deluxe jet black Provost Coaches. These are deluxe coaches, big rigs powered by large diesel pusher [...]

President Obama brings out his “Anger Translator”

Barack Obama has proved over and over again that he is one of the funniest President's in recent history, and Saturday night he outdid...

Sunrise and Sunsets Are Fantastic In The Upper Peninsula

Negaunee Township – July 25, 2011 -  The U.P. sky has incredible beauty to me lately. Why have I not noticed the beautiful sky colors, the colorful cloud shapes, and the dew and mist of the morning? Do I walk around with my eyes closed? Am I so busy that I don’t look up? Lately, [...]

After glow live music downtown Ishpeming right near Ole Ish

Ishpeming – July 21, 2011 -  Quality local artists will perform downtown at Ole Ish. from 7-8pm Thursday night. Then right after George Knight, the host of WFXD’s local artist show, will be at the Butler Theatre for a lively after glow. See u downtown Ishpeming Thursday night for some good local music.. Related Posts:Ishpeming [...]
Me and my weapon of choice

Knock Knock. Who’s There? No, Seriously, Who’s Knocking?

So I was in the studio early this morning, and being that it was 4am, I was all alone. Which is why my heart...

Upper Peninsula Chickens Short Out 100 Watt Incandescent Bulbs

I smile watching Chickens.  It is hilarious as they move around the pen as they sneak outside and chase the closest bug. I love those fresh brown eggs they lay and reluctantly surrender everyday to my probing hand under them.1  Fried, the robust yellow yokes taste twice as good as grocery store’s white eggs. One [...]

Pot Holes at U.P. Business are Getting Gigantic

Marquette – June 24, 2011 – I am floored by how large the three pot holes are at the entrance of the Office Max store in Marquette. They have grown to the size of a pickup truck hood. Does Office Max Corporate realize it would take more than the “Easy Button” to fish someone out [...]

It’s National Beer Day! Drink U.P. Yoopers!

In case you needed an excuse to drink beer today, (which you didn't), today is National Beer Day!Here's some cool facts about beers, Yoopers,...