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Health Tip – June 6 – Kiwis Have Great Health Benefits


Also known as the Chinese gooseberry, kiwifruit is a very delicious fruit that is known for its appearance and flavor. Kiwis are about egg size and have a brown fuzzy-like surface. When cut open a bright lime green flesh is revealed. Within the bright lime green flesh are black seeds which can be eaten. The skin is somewhat tough, but the flesh is soft. There are both green and yellow kiwifruit. It should be noted that although most people removed the skin from the kiwi before consumption it is edible.

Kiwifruit is a small fruit which packs a load of healthy nutrients. Kiwifruit are very delicious, and there are a number of vitamins and minerals available in this fruit. It is very high in vitamin C and it also contains potassium, vitamin A and vitamin E. The skin of the kiwifruit contains antioxidants so even though people usually discard this part of the kiwifruit they shouldn’t because it offers lots of health benefits.

Kiwifruit is also high in fiber making it a natural laxative. It is possible that there are a number of cardiovascular benefits to eating kiwifruit as it is a natural blood thinner which means it can naturally prevent blood clots and lowers the fat content in the blood to prevent blockages. Because kiwifruit contains lutein it can also be consumed to promote eye health.

One word of warning: some people who are allergic to strawberries may also have allergic reactions to kiwi.


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