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Health Tip – July 19 – Got Asthma? Your Pillow Could Make Matters Worse


Got asthma? Your pillow, a haven for dust mites, could be making matters worse. Wash your pillows regularly and replace them annually.

No matter how picky we are about our bunkmates, there will always be unwelcome visitors. Namely, dust mites. They love a warm environment like your bed just as much as you do. And since they snack on dead skin cells, they have no reason to leave.  Good news is, they’re harmless unless you have allergies or asthma.

To keep their count down, wash your sheets in hot water regularly, and fluff your pillow in the dryer on its hottest setting. The most recent information on dust mites suggests using a combination of physical measures – including pillow and mattress covers, washing bedding in hot water and carpet removal – rather than chemical treatments.

But be forewarned: at least three to six months of sustained intervention is necessary to show real benefit. That means you should put measures in place that you can sustain over time and expect symptoms to improve gradually.


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