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Health Tip – Jan. 18 – Don’t Ignore Those Mid-day Munchies


It’s 2 p.m. and you’re hungry, again. Skip the vending machine and reach for a tasty, nutritious snack that won’t sabotage your stay-slim plans.

Try Greek yogurt with some blueberries or sliced strawberries. Dried cranberries and almonds are another healthy, tasty treat. Four to five slices of thinly sliced cheese and whole grain crackers, such as Triscuits, are a tasty, sugar-free snack loaded with protein.
Apples, oranges, tangerines, pears and bananas are a portable snack, as well as carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower florets. Don’t forget that these count toward your daily fruit and vegetable requirements. Soups to go also a great pick-me-up in the afternoon.
Ignoring those afternoon hunger pangs are not a good idea, since they may indicate a drop in blood sugar. Also, when you get to dinner without having a light snack in the afternoon, you are more likely to eat more than you should.


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