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Health Tip – Sept. 6 – Back to School Vision Screening for Children


Shuffling your child back to school these days takes more than a new wardrobe and a shiny apple. As many as one in 20 children can’t see out of one of their eyes. This is a difficult observation for a parent to make. Vision testing by the child’s pediatrician, an optometrist or an opthamologist is recommended, even though some testing is also given in schools in some areas.

The reason to have this done is simple: Kids who can’t see well can’t perform as well in school. Parents often say “My kid would tell me if he couldn’t see,” but usually this is untrue. Kids don’t know any differently and those with one eye not functioning have learned to cope with the vision loss. Between 2% and 5% of the population is legally blind in one eye. Vision therapy is available and does work, as well as vision correction with glasses.

Start the school year out right for your child with vision screening. And while you are at it, have your own eyes checked. Vision problems can be hereditary.


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