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Health Tip – May 17 – What Junk Food Does to Your Brain


You are what you eat is probably never more apparent than soon after you eat a convenient, good-tasting junk-food meal. Most of the time you begin to feel tired, your mood sinks, your brain feels foggy, and you may even feel hungry again, not to mention all the guilt you have for putting things into your body that you know will move you toward sickness and disease.

You may feel a strange sensation on the roof of your mouth, a signal that you are harming yourself. Pay attention to the signals and clues your body is giving you, especially after you eat unhealthy food.

The more that you eat a diet full of sugar, grains and bad fats (especially trans fats), the more you are impairing your brain’s ability to “hear” the biochemical signals that tell it to stop eating and storing fat–a good indication of why there are an increasing amount of obese people now.

These signals come from the hormones insulin and leptin, and their job is to, among other things, control your metabolism. Insulin works mostly at the cellular level, telling the vast majority of your cells whether to burn or store fat and sugar, and whether to utilize that energy for maintenance, repair or reproduction. Leptin, on the other hand, sends signals that reduce your hunger, increase fat burning and reduce fat storage.Health Excercise Diet Advice Help


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