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‘Yooper’ Added to Webster’s Dictionary – Holy Wah!

Yooper Added to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Escanaba Michigan - 011
The Official Father of Yooper – Steve Parks

Escanaba, Michigan  –  March 24, 2014  – Yooper is officially a word and will be included in 2014 Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, thanks to the determined effort of one Delta County man.

The word will appear as:

yoo-per             noun \ ‘yu-(,)pər\: a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – used as a nickname.

The announcement was made at a Media Conference in Commission Chambers of the Escanaba City Hall. The event included local press and numerous local dignitaries and personalities. Emily Brewster, Associate Editor at Merriam-Webster was Skyped in to the conference to help make the announcement.

Yooper Added to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Escanaba Michigan - 000
Celebratory Yooper Cake

The effort was due to the ‘dogged determination’ of Gladstone resident Steve Parks. Parks spent the better part of a decade writing letters to Brewster in an effort to convince her of the legitimacy of the word Yooper. Parks recently received a letter from Brewster confirming the addition of the word in the 2014 printing of the dictionary – both online and in print. The new edition hits bookstores next month.

Brewster has accepted an invitation to attend the Governor’s Day event at the U.P. State Fair in August where Parks will graciously meet in person the Webster’s representative that he finally won over through his persistence, sincerity, good nature, and humor. More celebrations and acknowledgements are being planned throughout the spring.




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