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Voice Of The Negaunee Miners Has Me Convined I Might Need A Back Yard Vacation


Marquette – The warm water rushed out the 43 jets of the Nordic Hot Tub soothing the aching back of CCI laborers and school teachers whom worked hard all day. Yes the warm water was sloshing around the tired feet of those that worked 12 hours at the Empire.

This is what I hear the Radio guy saying on my car radio.

Yes, Mark Evans is basically convincing me that I need a Spa based Back Yard Vacation

The Nordic Spa semi-truck was out front as I drove by actively listening to radio host Mark Evans describe this relaxation picture. I leaned & looked over at the tent and Sunny 101.9 van and my daughter said “Stop Rubber Necking while driving”.  Darn it, she just took drivers training.

“OK OK.  But shhh”, I told her to Listen to Mark, “The Rec Depot has a huge fall sale going. And people are mentioning how much fun they were having, relaxing after work in their own personal hot tub recently purchased from Lonnie and Michelle at the Rec Depot. Maybe you should too”

Humm, yea, I’d like one too.

And Yes, I was rubber necking. And You know, I was getting a bit jealous, and my mouth started to water, as I listened intently.

Darn it. The more I listen to Sunny the more I want a Nordic spa. Darn it.


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