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Major Discount Cools-off at the Negaunee Co-op Preschool Summer Kick-off Food Truck Rally

More games for the kids

Negaunee, MIJune 10th, 2017 – Miner’s Park was filled with food trucks from all around Marquette County for the Negaunee Co-op Preschool Summer Kick-off Event!

There were five different food trucks that were on hand, plus tons of other food vendors and games for the kids. Attendees got to choose from things like pizza, BBQ, Italian food, and even ice cream, and the event went all afternoon long!

By far, the COOLEST part of the day for kids and adults was the teacher dunk tank. Everyone probably had that one teacher in school that they would have loved to have pranked, and kids at the event got to live out that dream!

Major Discount had the chance to talk with lots of happy people at the event, and they all loved the different food trucks available! All the children enjoyed the different games and activities to try, and there was enough to keep them busy all afternoon!

Listen to the live audio and check out pictures from the event below!
Major Discount and Nicole welcome you to Miner’s Park in Negaunee
There were several different food trucks on hand for the event
Summer was in full-swing
Nicole tries to pick a favorite food truck
Jerry and Major Discount Live on Sunny.FM
Children get a head start with the Negaunee Co-op Preschool
Sampling some pizza with the kids
Sunshine was the word at the N.C.P.S. Food Truck Rally
Major Discount says goodbye from Miner’s Park in Negaunee