Blackfly CrossFit’s Daniel Young Joins Us on Sunny.FM 101.9 to Talk Fitness and the Great Lakes Radio 15% Off Discount!

    Daniel Young, owner at Black Fly CrossFit and Bruce Whitehead in the Sunny.FM 101.9 studio.
    Daniel Young, owner at Blackfly CrossFit and Bruce Whitehead in the Sunny.FM 101.9 studio.

    Marquette, MI  –  December 12, 2018  –  CrossFit, simply defined as the ability to do work, is a fitness regimen incorporating elements from several different types of exercise to encompass a full body workout to build upon any fitness level!

    Recently we had Daniel Young, owner and trainer at Blackfly CrossFit in for an interview. Blackfly CrossFit is a gym on Wright Street in Marquette offering a fun, clean, inviting environment with shower facilities for anyone who would like to rinse off after their workout! The experienced trainers at Blackfly are dedicated to your fitness goals, offering guidance to help you succeed!

    Young mentioned that regardless of age, weight, gender or fitness level, Blackfly CrossFit is a gym that truly offers something for everyone! Set all stereotypes aside about who goes to the gym and what you think happens at traditional gyms because Blackfly CrossFit is a family of people from our community. They truly care about your fitness goals and work together as a team to help you achieve them! Their trainers will discuss your individual fitness needs and design a custom workout for each individual until you are ready to join group workouts at set times through out the day.

    Black Fly CrossFit is located at 1202 Wright Street in Marquette, MI
    Black Fly CrossFit is located at 1202 Wright Street in Marquette, MI

    Blackfly CrossFit offers structured 1 hour fitness classes at 5:30am, 9:15am, NOON, 4:30pm, & 5:30pm to make sure that each member has an opportunity to workout at times that best suits their unique individual schedules.

    Check out for more information on their trainers, class times, and pricing. Right now Blackfly CrossFit is offering a 15% discount on membership prices to anyone who signs up before February 1st for the life of their membership.

    Are you ready for a happier, healthier life with more energy through out your day? If you’re ready to trade that frustrating mid-afternoon tired feeling for a true lifestyle change, call Dan Young at 273-0150 and tell him you want the 15% OFF Great Lakes Radio discount!

    Blackfly CrossFit, more than just a gym!

    Here’s an interview with owner and trainer at Blackfly CrossFit, Daniel Young to tell you more about the benefits of joining his gym!

    Click here to listen to the interview with Daniel Young from Blackfly CrossFit on Sunny.FM 101.9

    Some photos provided by Black Fly CrossFit Facebook Page



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