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3 Ways to Help Reduce Your Stress

There are many ways to relax if you're feeling stressed, find what works for you!
There are many ways to relax if you’re feeling stressed, find what works for you!

Marquette, MI – April 14th, 2020 – Stress is an every day struggle for most people, especially with the kind of year that 2020 is turning out to be.  It can be hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel or to get your brain to relax.  Though every person deals with stress differently and there are many, many different ways to relieve stress, here’s a few things to try when life gets a little hectic.  These stress reduction techniques might help you get more work done, so you can relax sooner too!

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.  Stress can also be linked to anxiety, both of which make it difficult to work or focus.  Stress can make someone more tired and less motivated to get work done, which can lead to more stress, which can into a cycle of more and more stress.  It’s important to know when you’re becoming stressed and how to alleviate it in a way that works for you!

Lower Your Stress With Some Music

Though it might sound strange since it’s not common in the workplace, listening to music can help relax your brain while working, which helps you become less distracted and get more work done sooner, making you less stressed as a result.

It’s better to listen to instrumental music, say a soundtrack from a movie, TV show, or video game, rather than lyrical songs.  This is because you have to find the sweet spot between your brain being too distracted and not distracted enough.

Find music to listen to during and between work to keep you focused, energized, and less stressed
Find music to listen to during and between work to keep you focused, energized, and less stressed

Too many words like someone singing will also make your brain too focused on listening to the words to let you work.  It’ll make it more difficult to read anything and retain what you just read.

If there’s no music or other noise, your brain will work to find something to distract it, whether it’s birds singing outside, people talking in the next room, or just thinking too loudly.  It will end up leading you away from your work.

Music or excess noise isn’t for everyone.  Some people do need complete silence to get any work done, and that’s cool too!  Find what works for you and roll with it!

Use Fresh Air as a Way To Reduce Stress

It’s important to remember to get outside often.  Humans are not meant to be cooped up inside!  Even opening a window nearby to let in fresh air while you’re working can help improve your mood and help you unwind.

It’s a good idea to walk outside.  Even if it’s around the block, it can help get the blood pumping and relax your mind.  You can also use this as an excuse to start taking longer walks or running as an exercise.  If you have a dog, take it with you!  If your dog is on the more excitable and energetic side, this will help tire it out and make things more calm at home too.  It will help make running and walking more enjoyable too.

Try a new exercise and get outside to help relieve stress!
Try a new exercise and get outside to help relieve stress!

If you’ve been putting it off, now’s when you could start to exercise!  With the weather starting to warm up, it could be a good idea to find a work out routine that works for you and get started!  There are many routines online for you to try, for any type of workout you can think of.  There are even work outs that are only 5-10 minutes, just to get you up and moving.

If you want something even more relaxing and in a slower pace than a regular workout, try yoga!  You’ll still be more healthy and even become more flexible the more you do it.

If you have a yard or patio it’s always great to sit outside will taking part in one of your favorite hobbies.  If you like to make art, read, or write this is the perfect place to do it!  Try to see if you have a green thumb with some gardening!  Pot some pretty flowers you find at the store, or try your hand at growing fruits or vegetables.

Alleviate Stress By Talking to a Friend or Family Member

It’s important to keep in touch with your friends.  Whether it’s during this Stay-At-Home order or during any other time of the year, phone a friend!  Call, text, or video chat and check in with how they’re doing.  You never know who needs someone to talk to.

It can help if you’re stressed to rant or let off some steam with someone you trust.  Even lending an ear to a friend who’s stressed can make you feel better knowing they’re in a similar place as you.  Sometimes hearing yourself give advice to someone can get you to think ‘Hey, maybe I should be doing that too!’.

Reach out to loved ones if you're feeling stressed
Reach out to loved ones if you’re feeling stressed

During the Stay-At-Home order some of us are fortunate enough to be staying or living with some of our family members.  It can be easy to isolate yourself if you’re trying to get a lot of work done, but it’s important to stay close to your family during this weird time we’re all in.  Even just eating a meal together between working can give your mind a break and chance for you to relax.

If you play video games online, it could be fun to keep in touch with people you regularly play with.  Using a voice chat platform like Discord is a good place to stay in touch with Internet friends!  Even looking through social media can give you an idea of what people around the world are talking about and interested in.  You might even find a new hobby to look into.

Is there something in this article that you found interesting?  Anything you’ll try in the future or already do now?  Let us know with a comment down below!


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