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Obamacare and Math For Liberals This Morning’s Topics On InTheRightMind


July 14 2012-

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This morning’s show covered the issue of Obamacare today, math the liberal way, and guest Congressman Dan Benishek.

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The house lately has been working on trying to repeal Obamacare for some time now.  Some say it is a waste of time but it forces everyone in the house to have show that they support or deny the law and explain why.  The United States has the best health care system in the world by far.  No one is denied access to health care, but cost is a problem.  It’s said that about 10 million people are uninsured at the time of the bill being passed.  The left said it was 40 million, but it’s more closer to 10 million.  Rather than fix the problem for these people, they would rather destroy the system and bring down the level of care for everyone.

U.S. Representative Dan Benishek

Congressman Dr. Dan Benishek

Congressman Dr. Dan Benishek then joined the program calling in from Traverse City this morning.  The house just had a vote last week to repeal the Obamacare law.  The hope is that it gets everyone to explain why they voted for or against it.  Benishek believe it’s not good medicine and doesn’t address the cost of health care, as the cost has gone up twenty percent the last two years.

Benishek would rather see a more free market health insurance system.  This Obamacare law is the largest tax increase in American history.  The court did not overturn it because it’s a tax, but it’s up to American people now when the election comes in November.  Benishek would like to see it repealed too because he doesn’t want to have future generations saddled with debt.

Back To Obamacare

There were seventy bills brought up by the GOP that could address the concerns of the cost of health care and help the 10% of people without insurance.  Some people are uninsured, but some also have insurance that is pretty lousy.  There are fixes for these people as well without destroying the system.

There is no system where you can pick and choose exactly what kind of insurance you want from where ever you want.  Like younger people who do not need some services, and could just have catastrophic coverage.  But no, this is not an option, you either have to have all or none.

Also driving up costs are defensive medicine.  This is where doctors, clinics, and hospitals perform procedures to protect from liability.  These are usually unnecessary and drive up the cost of health care for everyone.

Math Lessons For Liberals!

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Is it crazy that Warren Buffet pays less taxes than his secretary? Yes.  Should Buffet’s taxes be raised to match? No.  Why not lower the taxes for the secretary be the answer?  Liberals want the rich to pay their fair share but what exactly is that fair share?

When taxes are raised, the revnue is up the first year, but then it drops after that.  Why?  Because it punishes the rewards of making more money and thus, there’s less activity.  It’s been shown that when taxes have been cut that there is more revenue and more activity because it does not punish the rich and people in general for working extra for more money.

The best idea is to treat everybody the same with a single rate, so it is fair for everyone.


Caller #1 opposes Obamacare but for different reasons than Dan.  To her both sides keep the insurance companies running things.  Currently there are 18, 000 people a year dying from a lack of health care according to some of the interview with Amy.  Also illness and cost of health care are tied to two thirds of bankruptcies.  The United States is the only country without a one payer system. She refers to this article here.

Dan replied about the lack of ease of access in a one payer system and how no one is turned down in emergency rooms.  To which the caller made a point about how the lack of insurance causes an overuse of emergency services and a lack of preventive medicine.

Caller #2 agreed and disagreed with the issues on the taxes.  The real problem is that people want stuff but not want to work anymore.  Both parties want whatever gives them power.


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