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Presque Isle Access and Founders Landing Issues This Morning On InTheRightMind


July 28 2012-

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

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Today’s topic on InTheRightMind on Sunny 101.9FM WKQS is Presque Isle being closed to drivers and the buildings being built on Founders Landing.



Presque Isle Access

Last Saturday there was a caller that had a complaint about how she went to Presque Isle in the morning and it was closed to drivers for the joggers and bikers.  Dan’s daughter had actually just had the same thing happen this past week as well.  In the 1980’s there was a mayor of Marquette who liked to jog and didn’t want to jog on the island with traffic on the island, and had gotten this policy through the city government to have certain hours closed on Presque Isle to cars.

This has been framed as a safety issue but if so, why are the bikers, joggers and walkers still allowed to be on the road when the cars are on the island?  So that argument makes no sense.  That and the hours are not the same hours everyday, this makes it confusing for people trying to visit Presque Isle and for tourists visiting trying to see the beauty of the island.

Various commissions have tried to overturn this long standing policy.  But still have failed to do so.  You can call the city of Marquette’s City Recreation Department with your opinions on this issue at 228-0460.

Founders Landing

Founders Landing has been in the news for the past while for the buildings that have been built that block the view for many houses that used to have a nice view of the lake.  After some research, it was found that the original plans for the buildings were not that tall.  It was only after the owners and the people building went back to the planning commission that the height was raised.


Caller 1 today said he expects things like this from the city.  He also has an issue with some mismanagement of public property and trails in the area.  He lives in Negaunee and there are property and nature that could be used but the city has yet to, while Ishpeming has Al Quaal Park.

Caller 2 this morning grew up in the area and remembers there being no problems between the various groups sharing the island.  A simple solution is to just make the road a little wider.  You can put blacktop down, it’s cheap and you won’t have to tear up the surrounding nature areas.

Caller 3 has encountered the island with bikers on the road and blocking the road.  It’s a shame that it’s gotten this way. He’s actually been kayaking around the island and had people throw rocks at him and his son in the water.  He’s also encountered the gate being closed on the break-wall too.  (Note: A caller called in and had said that the gate is only suppose to be closed during storms to keep people off the break-wall because it’s dangerous then.  This caller wasn’t on-air but just wanted that clarified.)

Caller 4 feels that there are too many hours for the restriction and that the hours need to be posted better.  He agrees with the idea of widening the road.

Caller 5 this morning agrees with Dan on the Presque Isle issue.  But he notices that bikers aren’t following signs around town.  He has no problem sharing the road with the bikers though.

Caller 6 called in to clarify some details on Founders Landing.  The original plan didn’t include the fill that was put in on Founders Landing that covered contamination.  Also the space between buildings was suppose to be one building length, so that there was still a view of the lake.  The original plan was right, and had changed over time.  He personally disagrees with how it is now.  Those buildings were also suppose to match downtown with brick.


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