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In the Right Mind – County Road 595 discussion with Jim Iwanicki


Jim Iwanicki Joined us to discuss Co Rd 595

For this weeks show we returned back to our regular programming taking a break from the Political topics revolving around this years election.

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Dan Adimin and Jim Iwanicki Co Rd 595

Jim Iwanicki – Engineer Manager at the Marquette County Road Commission joined us in the studio today to discuss County Road 595. This Road would be a North and South route from 550 through 41 and some residential areas. The Rio Tino Mine has offered assistance in the payment for the road because it would benefit them greatly to have a paved road running this route. Dan played his song “The Winding Road” to explain the situation a little better.

The Road would benefit the mine and also allow UP Residents to access some new areas that they couldn’t previously because road conditions are too poor .

EPA Public Comment Hearing August 28th University Center at Norther Michigan University. Information on the topic will be presented from 6pm-7pm and opened up to public comment from 7pm-10pm

This meeting will talk about it being a good idea or not, public transportation issues, Mining and Timber will both benefit greatly, taking the current 60 mile long trip down to a 20 mile long trip on the new road. This would keep the Larger Mining and Timber vehicle off of the road and cause less hazards by slow speed and the nature of their business.

Caller Number 1: Amy called and felt the road does not need to be built and that will negatively effect the

Jim Iwanicki feels that while it will impact wetlands and water resources, the benefits greatly out weigh the costs.

Caller Number 2: Teresa
Not all local politicians agree with Co Rd 595. They have questions about who is going to pay for this? Why should the public have to pay for this when it primarily benefits the Mining and Lumber Companies.

Jim Feels that Yes, not everyone agrees that the road should be built

I’m working on funding and if the Mine doesn’t pay for it… the road doesn’t get built!

Caller Number 3: Mary
Question on funding, once the mining is finished and even while it’s running who is responsible for the upkeep, plowing are care for the road long term?

Jim and Dan feel
Working on a Contract with the mine for help with maintenance. The roads in the UP are difficult to keep up on and this is a legitimate concern. As with any development in the UP subdivisions or business this is a cost of expansion and economic growth. It’s a tough balancing act but

Caller Number 4: Jim
Very mobile in the UP works with road construction workers and other industries.
Co Rd 595 will give a ton of new opportunities for economic growth and recreation as well as additional safety measures for us Yoopers. Wildfires for instance could be managed quicker and save lives in these remote areas. Why wouldn’t we build the road!

Caller Number 5: Chuck
It Shouldn’t Go through. The Bottom line that concerns him while yes it will allow for economic development and access we aren’t considering that this chunk of land is the larges untouched area east of the Mississippi. Being in the military for 30 years he saw developments in other countries and it can be horrible. This will cause property owners to split and sell their land because it will be divided by the new road. There are plenty of roads and access there now. How does this effect generation to come.. It will ruined the wildlife that’s how!

Teddy Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave with us even considering putting this road in. Yellowstone and other national parks

Jim’s Response
On The development piece, the land that the road is proposed to be on is primarily held by Timer Companies and aren’t protected, they are for timber production. The Commission will work to improve these roads and keep them from washing out, there is a trade off, it will bring development but there may be other ares that are effected as well.

Access to this wilderness area isn’t really our focus, we don’t want to negatively affect the land but the Elected Officials have asked us to move forward. The Caller talked about non-outdoor type people getting lost, hurt, killed, or accidentally set off a fire and the Commission should allocate fund for an increase of search and rescue as well as Emergency services.

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