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Ballot Proposal Four and When Lies Attack This Morning On InTheRightMind


September 15 2012-

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

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On this morning’s edition of InTheRightMind the topics were Ballot Proposal #4 and the attacks on Mitt Romney and Dan Benishek.

Ballot Proposal #4

This topic started for Dan when he had a friend notice that she was having $30 being deducted because she has been taking care of disabled child on her own rather than daycare.  She’s actually been forced into a union for daycare workers and loses $30 a month to union dues which is a few meals for them a month.

Michigan passed a law saying that you can’t force people into a union but unions have started a proposal to override the law.  This proposal shouldn’t be passed because people should be able to able to opt out of a union if they want.

Caller #1 called during this time and said he found the proposal ridiculous.  Also a commerical in favor of the proposal he found ridiculous as it insinuated that people wouldn’t be able to join unions if the proposal didn’t pass.  The caller also posed the question, “If unions are so good why do you have to force people into them?”

Caller #2 also called in during this topic but had thought that Dan was talking about another proposal (Proposal #2, to be covered in a later episode) but he stressed that people should be educated before they vote.

Unfair Attacks On Mitt Romney

There have been a lot of unfair attacks on Mitt Romney since he has declared running for president.  A lot of it is him being misquoted.  An example is that Romney said that Detroit should go bankrupt.  When in actuality he said he opposed the government takeover of General Motors but would rather them use bankruptcy laws for time to reorganize instead.

The newest is the 47% issue that has been floating around.  It’s been spread that Romney said he didn’t care about the 47% of the population that don’t pay taxes.  What he said was that 47% are going to vote for Obama anyways, that 47% get some form of benefit and that he is more focused on the rest of the population that are open to his message.

Gary McDowell Vs Dan Benishek Attacks

In the race for the U.S. House Seat Gary McDowell has been firing up attacks once again that are outright lies about Dan Benishek.  Benishek has been constantly misquoted and had many facts made up about him in the attack ads.

During this time there were two callers:

Caller #3 wondered why the politicians just can’t say what they are going to and not attack the other.  Dan mentioned that some people actually like the negativity but the attacks are only going to get worse before the election in November.

Caller #4 said he didn’t like McDowell and wondered about how McDowell said he’ll cut waste when Democrats have never shown to do that and Benishek has been cutting doing


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