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Gun Control and Vetoed Concealed Weapon Permit This Morning On InTheRightMind


January 5, 2013-

Dan Adamini From InTheRightMind

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This morning on InTheRightMind on Sunny 101.9 WKQS the topic was gun control and the concealed weapon permit bill that was vetoed by Governor Snyder.

Gun Control

In wake of the school shooting in Newton, there has been called for more gun control in the country.  Guest Les Thatcher came on to talk about the requirements of for a concealed weapon permit and his feelings about the second amendment in the country.  Also State Senator Tom Casperson came on to give an update on Lansing.

Les Thatcher

Les Thatcher was the first guest today.  Thatcher was very surprised that the concealed weapon bill was vetoed and was not sure why.  Thatcher did give the details on what training needs to happen for a person to carry a weapon.  The state law required eight hours of instruction and three hours on the range originally.  This has changed to ninety three bullets that need to be fired on the range but the instruction remains the same.  For the instruction the class teaches gun safety first and foremost.  They also teach how to select a weapon for yourself and also how to apply for a permit.

In the area he has found that many leaders have been against the idea of the personal weapon permit but they were respectful about it.  The actual law enforcement have been more respectful for the weapon carriers.  A good sign is that very few people who get the license get it taken away.

Thatcher commented on idea of banning assault weapons and how this is a flawed ideal.  There is no set standard for what exactly an assault weapon is.  There are no official assault weapons in the army or with hunters.

State Senator Tom Casperson

Casperson clarified the bill as the second guest this morning saying that the bill would have allowed citizens with a concealed weapons permit to undergo a bit more training and instruction and then be able to carry concealed weapons in “gun free” zones like a school.  But he said one loophole is that people are allowed to carry guns in these zones, but just out in the open.

He was a bit surprised the bill was not passed because people are already allowed to carry in these zones.  He felt that with the Newtown incident the timing of the bill was terrible. He did say that the bill is going to be re-introduced in the future.


Caller #1 today called in to say that there are already enough gun laws in the country and that there needs to more mental health care for people.  Most of the incidents like Newton show afterwards that the people had issues and usually that the guns were obtained illegally.

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  1. Thank you for the show Dan! It helped a lot. I think I will take one of these classes in the future. I think this is an important time to exercise defend and support our rights.


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