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Government Shutdown More Than Just a Paid Vacation – In The Right Mind with Dan Adamini – October 5, 2013


MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN – October 5, 2013 – Today on In the Right Mind with Dan Adamini on Sunny.FM: This week I discussed the government shutdown, its causes & effects.

Nobody has mentioned the fact that the only reason we are discussing this is because the President, Senate & congress have not settled on a budget.  Congress passed one, where is the senate version and the conference to work out differences? Why isn’t the President leading?  Apparently you CAN vote “present” as president.

The furloughed workers (800,000 of 4.5 million federal employees) will likely get back pay, making this little more than a paid vacation for them – what’s up with THAT?  Did you know there is a law preventing them from volunteering their time, even if they want to?  And if they’re getting paid, it isn’t volunteering … repealing the law should be at the top of the “to do” list.

And why doesn’t the president tell his executive branch to list the monuments in D.C. as “essential”?

The decision of who is essential lies with the departments, so obviously the president and his democrat minions WANT as much visible pain as possible.  Paying someone to keep people away from the monuments can’t cost any more than that same person keeping an eye on the monuments.

The republicans have modified their position, but the democrats have convinced the low I.Q. crowd that it is the GOP who is being stubborn.  None of them have answered the question: “Why do the democrats think it’s okay to make us follow rules they don’t follow?  If democrat supporters & business don’t have to follow the mandate, why do the rest of us have to submit?  THAT is the reason there is no continuing resolution…

they are certainly NOT in their right mind.

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The government shutdown has a lot of people talking, and as usual, many not making any sense.

  • Parks closed
  • Paid vacation
  • Non-essential
  • Medical device tax
  • Mandate waiver


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