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State Dem Leader Greimel & Marquette Teachers Contract on In The Right Mind


Marquette, MiMarch 1, 2014 – In the Right Mind or Not… it was a lively show today.

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Conversation with Democrat Leader Tim Griemel

While State Democrat Leader Tim Griemel & I don’t agree on a lot, we were able to find common ground on two topics.  Language we use can make people believe things we want them to believe – even if that implication doesn’t always match the statement.  More importantly, we agreed that ALL retirees in Michigan should be taxed the same.  That is a big move for a party that has claimed this was a new tax on seniors.

Healthy Food In Schools Not Helping as Intended

Money spent bribing schools to offer ONLY healthy option does not offset the lost revenue from those items not sold.  However the food in the trash is much healthier than it used to be – so that’s a good thing!  New Song Sugar Sugar & New Limerick as well

E-Cigarettes Under Attack

While E-cigarettes have helped many people replace tobacco, Some democrat Senators have declared war on the water vapor cigarettes because it looks like a cigarette.  This is perfect considering that many of these same people are helping people actually SMOKE pot.  Real Marijuane smoke is GOOD and Fake smoke is BAD.  Go figure.

Marquette Teachers Still Without a Contract

Two new songs Come Together-Give in to Me and We Can Worlk It Out Teachers bring the topic to light.MY biggest frustration is we don’t know the details of the contract being rejected.  Also… if you believe in equal pay for equal work, how can you support the “step” system?

 Full Show

In The Right Mind – FULL SHOW – 030114.mp3

New Songs

Rants (pdf’s)

Limericks (pdf’s)







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