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Salvation Army to the Russian Army on Today’s Show

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind
Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

Marquette, Mi March 8, 2014 – Salvation Army needs your help – Russian Army Doesn’t

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Topic 1          Salvation Army

Captain Moore from the Marquette Salvation Army visited today to discuss the needs in the area and how YOU an help.  Cash donations are always appreciated, but you can also help by donating items to the thrift store AND helping fill the food pantry.  When you see grocery bags at your local grocer to purchase as a donation, they are already filled with the items needed by your local charities… Please give as you can.

 Topic 2          Condoleeza Rice Attacked by Tenured Tyrants Tantrum at Rutgers University

Condoleeza Rice is invited to be commencement speaker at Rutgers University, and some College Professors & Students are not happy about it. Not surprising, since the supposed “tolerent” left HATES all thing conservative and will not tolerate opinions different than their own.  New Limerick & Song “Condoleeza” For this topic.  Check out the Daily Rant on this topic.

Topic 3          New Jersey Teen Sues Parents – Spoiled Kid or Bad Parents?

A New Jersey Teen who didn’t want to follow her parents’ rules was either kicked out (or left on her own) and is now suing her parents for support, and school funding.  The honor student has been suspended from school twice, stripped of her “captain-ship” of the Lacrosse team, and booted from campus ministry duties since dating her most recent boyfriend.  She refused to do chores or follow curfew at home, and is living with a friend.  The friend’s dad is funding lawyer fees… there may be more than one weasel in this story. Daily Rant Link Here.

Topic 4          Michigan Tries to Let Landords Control Their Buildings From Pot Production

A Bill giving Landlords authority to prohibit Marijuana production & use in apartments passed the State Senate this week.  As things stand now, Landlords lack the authority to prohibit such things.  This should be an interesting debate

Topic 5          Russian Army In the Ukraine Making U.S. Look Weak?  We Are Weak (willed)

Two new songs for this topic, and I have to Defend Hillary Clinton?  I’m not a fan, but she was right, and I always defend what is right.. even if done by someone who is wrong.  The Obama / Kerry Team inspire the songs “I’m An Appeaser” and “Go Away Vladimir“.


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