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Marquette Teachers Still Without Contract

Marquette Teachers
Teachers Protest in Marquette

Marquette, MiMarch 15, 2014 – Teachers, Barbie & Ukrainians all feel they are under attack.

Topic 1 – Marquette Area Teachers Still Waiting for a Contract they can support

Our first topic today was the ongoing battle between Marquette Teachers and the MAPS School Board.  Although I tried to give both sides of the argument, there is too much missing information to pick a side yet.  One thing is clear though… Both sides are far apart; and the adversarial posture is not helpful.  2 Songs “Come Togther” & “We Can Work It Out” and a New Limerick.  See the daily rant on this topic from earlier this week.

Topic 2 – Barbie Under Attack – at age 55 is that age discrimination

Some people don’t like the new girl scout patch “Be Anything… Do Everything” because it is sponsored by Mattel & Uses Barbie.  Groups trying to stop commercialization in schools and in scouting don’t mind the message but they despise the messanger.  New Limerick & Song on this topic.  See the daily rant on this topic from earlier this week.

 Topic 3 – Russia in the Ukraine (and Our Inability to Make a Difference)

Many people are unhappy with President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry about inaction regarding Russia’s move into the Crimean Peninsula.  While I believe both of these men are weak and ineffective, I don’t blame this issue on them.  There are plenty of reasons to call these men weak without stretching to areas they can’t control… but that didn’t stop me from writing the parodies “Along Comes Kerry“, “I’m An Appeaser” , and “Go Away Vladimir

Topic 4 – Potholes Called “Snyderholes” by Michigan Democrat Party

Democrats are trying to convince those NOT in their right mind that there were no potholes in Michigan until Gov. Snyder started taking money from roads and giving it to evil CEO’s  They even have a website Snyderholes.com with more lies that we’ve dispelled on numerous occasions.  The fact that it’s not true doesn’t stop dems from saying it, and it also doesn’t stop dimwits from believing it.  See the daily rant for this topic from earlier this week.


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