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Zero Tolerance & Bring Your Own Bottle… Good or Bad?

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MIMarch 22, 2014 – New Laws and Old Nuttiness were part of the Potpourri of topics on Today’s Show

Today’s show covered many topics, and to hear them all, you should listen to the whole show.  I’ll discuss two of them in detail here.

House bill 5046 became public act 235 and is being called the “BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE LAW“.  I did a daily rant on this earlier this week on my wfxd.com blog and have a limerick and song to go with it too.  If you want to bring a “special” bottle of wine to an anniversary party or if you are proposing… the owner would have been breaking the law to allow you to do that.  Now they can say yes (if they choose to).  There are still questions and details to be settled (probably in court) but it is still the owner’s decision to allow it – or not.  One caller asked a very good question… if the owner allows you to bring in your own bottle, who carries the liability?  The other question is: Why only wine?  There are small breweries with the same desire as the wine-makers.  And if you can bring your own alcohol to an establishment with a liquor license… why not bring your own salami sandwich to a restaurant?  Please comment at facebook.com/intherightmindmqt and become a friend of the show.

ZERO TOLERANCE is also a topic that keeps emerging.  The concept that “No Weapons Are Allowed on School Grounds” makes sense to many people.  My problem is the practical application of the rules.  Recently, a sixth-grader (who I consider  hero) took a razor from a fellow student who was cutting himself, and threw the razor in the trash.  She then told the principal what happened.  For her efforts, she was suspended for 10 days, and was going to be expelled (because, for a time she was in possession of a”weapon”).  The board & administration would not return calls from the parents until local media made the story public.  This is worse than the stories we’ve heard about kids suspended for drawing pictures of guns, or eating the corner off a piece of toast that some nut thought looked like a gun.  A new song on this topic illustrates my opinion on the topic.  A call From John posed a good question… if a teacher took the razor away and threw it out… is that any different than the student doing the right thing?

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Finally, the Marquette Area Teacher’s Union is suing the administration about a contract in force.  They are not happy that “steps” are not being paid.  Steps are not mentioned in the contract, and that is why the union believes they should be paid?  Steps had been in the previous contract, and because the new contract did not state they were not to be included, the union believes they MUST be included.  This seems to show a desire to make the administration evil more than it seems to be a logical argument – at least in my opinion.  Sadly, the mining journal pulled the article from their web site for some reason.  Find a copy from 3/20/2014 and read it the old fashioned way.

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