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Minimum Wage, Equal Pay & Union Thuggery on Todays Show


Marquette, Mi April 12, 2014 – Do We Need New Laws to fix Minimum Wage, Equal Pay & Union Behavior?

Today was All About Money… Unions Abusing Walmart Employees, Minimum Wage & Equal Pay Day

Cracking Down On Union Thuggery

The United Food & Commercial Workers Union is now under court order to STOP RESTRAINING & COERCING people during its protests.  Behavior has become so bad that even Barak Obama’s National Labor Relations Board could no longer turn a blind eye to the union’s thuggery.  In November 2013, 50-80 people (many disguised as Walmart employees) invaded a store in Dearborn, Mi and harassed customers and employees.  A group (including at least one man) followed a woman into the bathroom to harass her.  Finally, the NLRB can’t turn its usual blind eye to bad behavior by its supporters.  The new limerick & updated song should entertain those of you who condemn the behavior.  Don’t you wish rank and file members would ALSO condemn bad behavior?  If they did, the union would gain some much needed respect.

Minimum Wage – Should We Even Have One?

Going back as far as Ben Franklin, people have warned against the negative impact of a minimum wage. A little history lesson reminds us that the first minimum wage in the USA was designed to stop Black Construction Workers from taking jobs from White Construction Workers.  Those who support minimum wage are generally less interested in helping others than they are in helping themselves – even if the relationship isn’t obvious.  Many people believe the minimum wage actually hurts the people it is intended to help… I am one of those people!  Two songs on this topic : minimum wage and itsy bitsy wage.

Equal Pay Day – Bad Data… Bad Conclusion… or Intentional Deception?

Dan Adamini with Karlyn Rapport from AAUW
Dan Adamini with Karlyn Rapport from AAUW

Karlyn Rapport from the American Association of University Women was my guest on this topic.  There are new studies on the gender pay gap.  Do you believe that women are paid 77 cents for each dollar a man makes in the same job?  Those who use that number would like you to believe it… but even they – when asked to clarify – admit that is not true!  If there is a gender pay gap (and I believe there is) we can’t solve it unless we are honest about the data.  When we finally agree that the numbers are honest, we can work toward solutions together… until then, those of us in our RIGHT MINDS will help others help themselves.  If a guy works more hours than a woman, at the same rate, he will take home more.  The reverse is also true for a woman working more hours than a man.  If we can’t even agree that the rate is the issue rather than the take home pay… we’ll never solve the problem together… our friends on the left will keep whining while we help women (and everyone) create opportunity! Listen to the parody song “She is Woman – Pay Her Less

Dan Adamini Jerod Erickson
Dan Adamini Jerod Erickson

MMA Fighter Jerod Erickson Visited IN THE RIGHT MIND

MMA fighter Jerod Erickson has a Saturday Night Bout.  He stopped by with Jim Bushey to Say Hello


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