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IRS Focus Moves From Tax Evaders to Obamacare Evaders

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MiApril 19, 2014 – Taxes, Obamacare, Schools & Discrimination Discussed on IN THE RIGHT MIND  with Dan Adamini

Tax-Cheats Will Be Treated Better Than the Uninsured in 2014

The funniest story this week was not the tax deadline of April 15th.  It was the realization that with budget cuts to the IRS, there will be fewer tax audits as IRS agents shift their focus to the enforcement of Obamacare.  Conclusion… if you are a tax-cheat with health insurance, you are safer from the IRS than an honest taxpayer without health insurance.  That problem is made even worse with the realization that beginning April 1st, if you don’t already have health insurance, you probably cannot buy it – even if you want to.  Only those with “special” life events are allowed to purchase insurance outside the open enrollment period from October to March.  So the government won’t let you buy insurance, but will punish you if you don’t buy insurance… Is this a perfect democrat plan or what?  Youtube link to Obamacare Song

 Should Schools Start Later, Go To A Year-Round Calendar & Eat Healthier?

Proposals to allow schools to choose a “full-year” calendar have sparked the debate on how best to educate our kids.  Some say that kids “un-learn” too much over summer vacation. How I wish that was true… there is much taught in our school I WISH the kids could “un-learn”.  Of course, we all know teens are not the best morning people… but should we move the start time later as some suggest?  And what about the food we serve our kids in school… should we force schools to serve only veggies – even if they only end up in the trash? songs: summertime school, later start time, healthy food.  youtube link to later start time.

Is Discrimination Okay if You Only Hate White Christians?

Many people feel they suffer from discrimination, but it seems the only people you can hate without being called a hater are people of faith who are not people of color.  During the “holiest” of weeks in the ‘Judeo-Christian’ world, it is good to remember that around the world, both Christians & Jews are targets and are even killed because of their faith, with little mention by most American Media.  On the other hand, if you say you want to prevent illegal immigration and support legal immigration… nutty people on the left ay you HATE latinos…  As if all latinos are illegal, and all illegals are latino.  Even women who earn the same pay as men complain they suffer from discrimination if they work fewer hours and have smaller take-home pay.  And, again, the media (and even our president) change that into an argument about “equal pay”.  song: She Is Woman – Pay Her Less

Although athiests generally discriminate against others, I did take the opportunity to support an athiest case against the state of New Jersey because they wouldn’t let her get a personal license plate that said “8thiest” but they would allow “baptist”.  the rules should be the same for all… then we won’t be focused on groups, but on people as a whole.

Other Stuff…

I had to share this satellite picture of the great lakes from wednesday April 1, 2014.  There is still a LOT of ice on Lake Superior.  How are the boats moving?  VERY SLOWLY.

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