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Affirmative Action – Petition Reaction – Stowaway Compaction

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MiApril 26, 2014 – Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Law Opposing Discrimination – Stowaway Survives Flight – Marquette Rowers Need a Boathouse.

Affirmative Action – A Helping Hand or Race Discrimination?

The U.S. Supreme Court  was clearly in their right mind when they declared that Michigan did indeed have the right to pass a law ending race discrimination in admission to State Funded Universities.  The 2006 Law was passed by Ballot Initiative after a woman was discriminated against because she didn’t get extra points for being part of a group deserving those extra points.  The Ruling did NOT say affirmative action was good or bad… just that the state does have the right to address the issue. The new parody song “No Affirmative Action” (Musical Commentary) helps drive home the point that NOBODY should be discriminated against, or given preference over another because they belong to a particular group.  We also should NOT tell a group they are not as good as another group and need extra help.  We want to encourage people, not discourage them with the “soft bigotry of low expectations”.  This statement is just as true now as it was when President George W. Bush said it. Check out the Daily Rant on This Topic from WFXD Radio.

Marquette City Commission Support of Local Rowing Club Inspires a New Petition

The Upper Peninsula Community Rowing Club Has the blessing of the Marquette City Commission to move forward with plans to build a boathouse near the Founder’s Landing area.  Although plans seem to keep the building “invisible” from the road… many people are concerned because past city commissions allowed the debacle of Founder’s Landing to block the view for everyone travelling into Marquette on Front Street.  A Petition is circulating to stop the building.  The New Parody Song “Rowers Need A Boathouse Now” sums the issue up with Musical Commentary.  Generally, I support the rowing club on this one. Check out the Daily Rant from WFXD Radio

Stowaway Survives Flight From California to Hawaii in a Plane’s Wheel Well

The 15-year old boy who hid in a jet’s wheel well survived the flight, much to the surprise of… well… EVERYONE.  That story seems to be trumping the fact that the boy was able to jump an airport fence, find a plane and crawl inside.  Does that make you feel Safe?  The new parody song “Hiding On A Jet Plane” gives my musical commentary on the subject.  It’s amazing that the young man survived.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    We like your clever boathouse song – we’ve never had “our own” song before – is it ok to post a link to the song on our Facebook page?
    Thanks for encouraging people to find out more before they sign the petition, which does not provide the entire picture – for example, only the interior floor plan of the building is shown, instead of the site plan which shows the public elements. We will hopefully have an elevation drawing available this week so people can better visualize the proposal. In the meantime, if people are interested in learning more, they can e-mail row.marquette@gmail.com and someone will get back to them. Encourage them to be patient because we are all volunteers with very busy lives too.
    Thanks again for helping to increase awareness, and for your creative song!
    Kelly Drake Woodward
    Da’ Prez – UPCRC


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