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Racist Sterling Banned From NBA By Commissioner Silver… Sterling Silver?

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MI May 3, 2014 – Sterling Banned, Obama School Panned & Benghazi Lies Planned..

Before Anything Else…. Please go to the St. Jude Web Site and donate to this VERY WORTHY CAUSE.  The Country Radio-Thon for St Jude was held this week, and It’s STILL NOT TOO LATE  to Donate.  Please read a little about the great work they do and Donate if you Can.

Obama School In Chicago

A School to be named after President Obama is being built in Chicago.  This makes me wonder if the “Obama Philosophy” will be installed at the school bearing his name.  Will it be built with money the city does not have like the government builds?  Will students be admitted with nothing to recommend them as Barak was admitted to the Senate, or the presidency for that matter?  Will you be deemed to have accomplishments if you only say you are Present (As Obama did in the Illinois Senate)?  Will students with A’s & B’s be given C’s instead and their credit be given to D & Failing students to “spread the educational wealth” as it were?  Will the school nurse be able to give kids a bandaid or ONLY BIRTH CONTROL or Directions to Planned Parenthood?  Will sports be banned and scoreboards be taken down so we don’t hurt the feelings of losers?  One this is certain… History & Math will NOT BE TAUGHT because if students learn to count or think for themselves, they won’t become democrats!  Here is a new song on the topic.

Commissioner Silver Bans Owner Sterling From Basketball… Sterling – Silver?

I do not want to defend the statements by the racist owner of the L.A. Clippers, but I also can’t defend His Mistress for recording and selling the conversation.  There are no people to defend in this story… including the commissioner and owners group.  The NBA is overrun with Bad People… but when it isn’t publicized, they tolerate it.  The limerick & Song still make me smile… you really have to listen to the lyrics to get the full effect.

Do All Who Oppose Voter I.D. Want To Cheat?

Many states have voter I.D. Laws, and many have been upheld.  This week, however, a Wisconsin judge deemed THEIR Voter I.D. Law an undue hardship on minorities because it requires a picture I.D.  How racist is THAT statement?  Do minorities not cast a reflection that can be captured in a photo I.D.?  Are Minorities not smart enough to follow their community organizer to the FREE I.D. distributor?  If you need a photo I.D. to get into a democrat event, or to do so may other things.. and the I.D. is provided free… how can it be deemed a hardship.  The ONLY people who oppose a I.D. for voting are those who want to CHEAT… What other reason could there be?   We could solve this by using florecsant paint on your thumb.  If someone will cut off a thimb or finger to vote twice… I guess I’m OK with that.  My other solution is to make voter registration expire with your state I.D. every three years.  Then, when you’re dead, you can only vote two more times!  the Song and Limerick hit the nail on the head.

 New Evidence Supports What We Already Knew… Obama Lied About Benghazi

Those of us in our right minds knew the president and secretary of state and every other democrat were lying from the very beginning.
It is clear that from the start, everyone knew it was NOT a protest about a video, or about anything else.  It was a very well coordinated attack that proved the president was wrong when he said his policies had Alqaida on the run.  Yeah they were running alright… all over us!  In addition to the song, there is a Youtube Video to go this this topic!

 Dark Stores Rulings Turn the Lights Out On Needed Property Tax Legislation

Corrupt Judges and Corrupt politicians have blocked attempts to solve the issue of taxing stores as if they were something they are NOT.  If a store is open it should be taxed like it’s open.  If it’s closed it should be taxed like it’s closed.  That simple concept is lost on those who have no problem lying for their own advantage.  State Rep. John Kivela heard me talking about this and stopped by for a visit to discuss in more detail.  I am VERY happy about that.  Some accuse me of being too accommodating  to our democrat representative… but I am happy to work with ANYONE who is honest on the areas we agree.  If we spent less time fighting about the 20-40% of issues of disagreement… we would be free to work together on the 60-80% of areas where we agree.  If I agree with Kivela 70% of the time, I’ll work with him on the 70%.  If I agree with him 100% of the time I’ll see a psychiatrist. (an homage to Rudy Giuliani).

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