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Do Fracking Protesters think “Asian Carp” is a racist term?

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, MiMay 10, 2014 – Anti-Fracking Protest Lacking – Racist Asian Carp – Lew Uhler interiew on Tax Limitation

Special Guest Lew Uhler – Discusses the High Cost of Government Regulation. This is a man who has years of accomplishments and deserves your attention. I am ery Happy He chose to spend some time with us today.  Listen to the interview by clicking at the bottom of this post.

Protesters Had Better things to do?

 A protest in Lansing by those opposed to “fracking’ was so sparsely attended that the small crowd became the story. Perhaps they were watching a Mchael Moore Movie… which would be perfect because, like Moore, the information spread by the protesters is rarely accurate. SONG – LET’S FRACK


Congress Holds Lois “SLOW” Lerner in contempt – No Big Deal… So Do I !

 I also have contempt for those who think it is find that the Obama Administration used the IRS to harass and block conservatives.SONG – 8 SCANDAL A WEEK


Minnesotans believe “Asian Carp” is a RACIST Term?

 A Minnesota legislator, the Minnesota Senate AND the Minnesota DNR have officially declared the term Asian Carp Racist. Not the fish themselves, but they apparently don’t understand that the term is based on geography… and that people are different than fish. NEW SONG – ASIAN CARP


City of Marquette Finally Gets it’s palm “greased” by Lundin Mining. Let’s see if the money actually goes where the city said it would when they “Shook Down” the Mine in the First Place. SONG – SHAKE EM DOWN BABY

Benghazi Investigation Ridiculed by those Involved in the Cover-Up

Congress Appoints a Committee to Find Facts we already know… The President Lied… The Secretary of State Lied… The Democrats Defending the Obama Coverup Lied…. to win an election. Do you think this investigation would be considered political if the presidents children were killed in a terrorist attack and it was covered up? Why are the parents of those Murdered in the attack less important?  SONG – DON’T YOU THINK IT’S TRAGIC    another new song – LIBRAL set to the tune of “MOTHER”


Happy Mother’s Day to All Mom’s – Especially Mine.


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