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Obama Trades 5 Terrorists for 1 Deserter?

Dan Adamini - In The Right Mind - Feature - Rant
Dan Adamini – In The Right Mind – Feature – Rant

Marquette, Mi – June 7, 2014 – A Trifecta of Bad Decisions by the Obama Administration Hilight This Week’s Show!


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The Obama Administration continues its practice of making bad decisions and then attacking those who dare to ask questions

Apparently B.O. thinks the war on terror is over because he initiated a prisoner of war exchange – against the advice of military advisers and against the law he himself signed.

Negotiating with Terrorists, Failing to Notify Congress, and giving Aid to Our Enemies in a Time of War are not bad enough to stop democrat minions from defending the president… or from attacking those who try to speak the truth.  The rant below sums up the issue well, and the Song TRADE 5 FOR 1 OF OURS seems an appropriate musical commentary on the issue.  Please share with your friends.


V.A. Chapel in Iron Mt., Mi
V.A. Chapel in Iron Mt., Mi

Veterans Administration Seeks Politically Correct Chapels

Many people are upset about an OLD rule regarding chapels in Veterans Administration Facilities.  In the attempt to NOT OFFEND people of Non-Christian Faiths, many Christians are feeling quite offended.  The rant below harshly criticizes those who (in the name of political correctness) seek to remove God from society.

The goal of welcoming people of all faiths into a worship space is worthy of respect.  NOT worthy of respect are those who look for reasons to be offended, and are happy to offend Christians because they Know we’ll forgive them!  The Song CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS AT THE V.A. may entertain you or make you angry.  I was happy my guest BRAD NELSON from the Iron Mt. V.A. facility was able to clarify some of the MIS-INFORMATION floating about.  DON’T BLAME THE PEOPLE FOLLOWING THE RULES – – PLEASE!


Medicare Will Now Pay for Sex Change Surgery

medicare to cover sex change surgery
medicare to cover sex change surgery

In an effort to create more liberal voters, the Obama Administration will allow medicare to cut off and paste your favorite naughty bits.  At a time when we are borrowing money from anyone stupid enough to loan us money to pay back everyone else, we will use government funds to pay for sex-reassignment surgery.

I can’t help but wonder if a 70-year-old will be requesting a more recent model of the parts he/she desires.  We might see an 80-year-old gal with younger breasts or an Old Dude with a younger …. well… you know!  The song WALK LIKE A MAN – SEX CHANGE still makes me smile.  You may need to listen several times to get all the “cuteness” offered in the lyrics!


strong and safe Michigan
strong and safe Michigan

Michigan Proposal One to help small business AND local communities

Rob Fowler from Michigan’s Small Business Association was my guest on this topic.  In Michigan’s continued quest to improve the business climate, a proposal to help business AND local communities will be on the August ballot.  I hope people first educate themselves, and once that is done… I hope they vote YES on this issue.




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