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Thanksgiving Weekend – Keep an Attitude of Gratitude


Marquette, Mi – November 29, 2014 – America has a long history of giving thanks – We Should All Join!


THANKSGIVING HEADLINES – the most interesting 3 minutes in live radio!


Each year, I like to take this weekend to remind people of our history of giving thanks.  It is a long and rich history indeed.  A new timeline I discovered shows varying thanksgiving events dating back to 1514. 

No New Parody Songs or Limericks Today… Just a simple message to be thankful for all that we have, and to acknowledge the source of our blessings.


sam adams
sam adams

Samuel Adams Thanksgiving Proclamation 1777






george washington
george washington


George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation 1789





abraham lincoln
abraham lincoln


Abraham Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamation 1863







ronald reagan
ronald reagan

Ronald Reagan Thanksgiving Proclamation 1986


When Shopping this Season… please buy local… big or small stores… but whenever possible…PLEASE SUPPORT THE STORES IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY!  Even if it costs a couple dollars more (and it may NOT)  support local jobs and local businesses.


All the songs from Today’s show focus on an attitude of Gratitude … When we are thankful, there is no room in our hearts for Hatred, Jealousy or anger.  We are at our best when we are people of HOPE… people of FAITH… people who are THANKFUL


Full Show

In The Right Mind – FULL SHOW – 112914.mp3


 In The Right Mind – Headlines – 112914.mp3


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