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Health Tip – Apr. 23 – Kiwi: More Than Just a Funny-looking Fruit


Furry on the outside and emerald green on the inside, the kiwi is an odd-looking fruit that packs a healthy punch. It not only offers a generous amount of vitamin C – approximately 95% of the recommended daily value in one fruit – but is also high in other antioxidants, a good source of fiber, and a source of nutrients that appear to support immune system, vision and cardiovascular health.

Consider adding kiwi to your cereal, fruit salads, garnishes and smoothies for a healthy, sweet, tangy treat. Or, eat on its own by scooping the flesh right out of the skin. To find a ripe kiwi, look for one that appears plump and yields to gentle pressure when squeezed lightly. Avoid mushy kiwis or ones with shriveled skin.


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