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It Won’t Be The Coldest I’ve Ever Been!


Calumet, MI – The Negaunee Miners game with Calumet will be cold tonight!  And I mean COLD!!  As in mid 20’s with wind at 10 – 15 mph COLD!

But it won’t be the coldest I’ve endured.  Not even close!

In 1989 I was working in Wausau, Wisconsin and we covered Wausau West hockey.  They played at Lakeland High School in Woodruff at their OUTDOOR RINK!!

Puck Drop was 5 degrees with 10 – 15 mph winds.  It was so cold that night that the microphone on my headset iced over and didn’t work any longer.  I had a second headset available and put it on while putting the first headset UNDER MY ARM to thaw the ice off the mic.

So, no…it won’t be the coldest; plus I’ll have Gregg to keep me warm!


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