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Why Will Mark Be Gone For A Week? (or so)


Marquette – Back in 1984, I was played High School Football in Madison, Wisconsin at West High School (Go Regents!)

You would think as the Place Kicker and Punter I would have been the LEAST likely to wind up with this severe of an injury – but here goes.

I had a field goal attempt from around 35 yards out against Janesville Craig in our last game of the season.  One of The Cougars broke through the line in an attempt to block the try.  He missed the ball, but totally wiped me out.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I actually hair-line fractured my right hop socket.  (BUT, I made the field goal…..just sayin!)

It hurt at the time, but it was 1984….walk it off, rub some dirt on it and let’s go.

Well, 35 + years later, the Cartilage is all but gone – arthritis has set in complete with Bone Spurs and a lot of pain.

So, next Tuesday the 14th I go in for a full replacement of the right hip.  I plan on being back on a limited level the following week provided all goes well.

Above is the hip in question – compared to my almost perfect Left Hip pictured below.  My Dr. asked how I’m even able to walk right now……

Be nice to Walt while I’m away!!


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