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There’s More To Mark’s Adventure – The Caregiver!!


Marquette, MI – So, as most of you read earlier, I go in for a full Hip Replacement next week.  It goes back to a High School Football injury that didn’t heal right – so this has been brewing for quite a while.

Most of you also know that our “Sunny Work Day” host is my wife, Dawn.  If you didn’t know that……TA DA!!!

Dawn has been talking about her care for me during at least the first part of my adventure.  This, needs to be addressed sooner rather than later so it’s on the record.  I AM A TERRIBLE PATIENT!!

I’m your typical guy when comes to this stuff.  I know won’t want to take my meds, I’ll try and do stuff too early, won’t accept  any help with anything and I’ll try and be back to the station waaaaay too soon.  It’s who I am – a stubborn pr!ck!

They say marriages get tested, I’ll try not to test ours with this but………..wish her luck!


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